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Argentan half-marathon [split times]

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Good training

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Today, I went training with my INSEE Paris Club friends for a training round on the local stadium: 15x400m in blocks of 5. This is going to be one of the very few split trainings I will do prior to the Argentan half-marathon I now hope to run (or at least to start!). Prior to flying to New York next week, I will try a 6x1000m round. I did not record the laps, but overall managed to keep close to 1’21”, especially over the last block, which was faster than I planned. Biking back home was a wee slower than usual but definitely worth it!

La Robinsonnaise [5k]

Posted in Running, Travel with tags , , , , , on May 29, 2010 by xi'an

Tonight, as I am flying to Birmingham for the CRiSM workshop on Model uncertainty, I will miss my local 5k, La Robinsonnaise, for the first time in a long while. Last year saw the beginning of my sciatica symptoms, while the year before that led to two broken fingers due to a fall during the recovery run… Still, I will miss it as it would have been good practice for the 10k I am running on Thursday afternoon in Vincennes. So I went for a faster run this morning, running the 3k loop in the local park in 11:46 then the second one in 11:22, which is ok given the absence of split training this year. (From what I remember, the best 3k in the 3k-1k-3k split should be around 11:05…) Another disappointment I came upon a few days ago when running with my friends of Insee Paris Club is that I have to wait another year to join the V2 category, as the rules have changed… This obviously means less chances of ending in a good position for the half-marathon in Argentan!

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