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another borderline conference

Posted in Kids, University life with tags , , , , , , on June 25, 2015 by xi'an

Following yesterday’s surprise at the unpleasant conference business run by WASET, I was once again confronted today with conference fees that sound like an unacceptable siphoning of research funds and public money. One of my PhD students got earlier personally invited to present a talk at EUSIPCO 2015, a European signal processing conference taking place in Nice next September and she accepted the invitation. Now, contrary to yesterday’s example, this EUSIPCO 2015 is a genuine conference sponsored by several European signal processing societies. From what I understand, speakers and poster presenters must submit papers that are reviewed and then published in the conference proceedings, part of the IEEE Xplore on-line digital library (impact factor of 0.04). As the conference is drawing near, my student is asked to register and is “reminded” of small prints in the conference rules, namely that “at least one author per paper must register by June 19, 2015 at the full rate”, student or not student, which means a 300€ difference in the fees and has absolutely no justification whatsoever since the papers are only processed electronically…

eupiscoI checked across a few of the past editions of EUSIPCO and the same rip-off rule applies to those as well. I see no rational explanation for this rule that sounds like highway robbery and leads to the de facto exclusion of students from conferences… In fine, my student withdrew her paper and participation at EUSIPCO.

it’s a bird… it’s a plane… ISBA deal!

Posted in University life with tags , , , , , on September 26, 2013 by xi'an

As elections for ISBA officers are getting near, I (and every other ISBA member) got an email from Steve Scott reminding us to renew our membership. (Not that I really need it being a lifetime member!) The deals offered by Steve (ok, by ISBA!) are that the renewal fees remain at the 2013 rates till the end of the year. And that those who missed the 2013 renewal get the year free! For new members, the rates are as follows:

ISBA Dues *
Regular 1-year – $ 60.00
Student 1-year  – $ 25.00
Reduced 1-year  – $ 25.00
Joint ISBA/IMS  – $ 139.00
Lifetime  – $ 900.00

with an interesting (?) adjustment for lifetime membership: under 50, you have to add $50 for every year under 50, which sounds a bit of a deterrent! Note the great rate for students. (And check my earlier blog on why joining a statistical society.) And consider joining BayesComp and O’Bayes if you have not yet done so!

Steve added a most obscure disclaimer to his email: No sham-wow’s were harmed during the making of this email. Which forced me to watch this commercial video about super-duper (or not!) towels…

A twenty-fold increase

Posted in University life with tags , on February 2, 2010 by xi'an

Today, Dauphine made it to the headlines of national newspapers and to national public radio as the university announced a twentyfold increase of its student fees! Meaning that it should go from 250 euros (per year) to about 4000 euros for master students specialising in business and international economics.  No change, however, for math students, even those specialising in finance. Or in Bayesian statistics!

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