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O’Bayes 2017 in Austin, Texas

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The next edition of the O’Bayes conference, O’Bayes 2017, will take place at the University of Texas in Austin, with the tentative dates of Dec. 10-13. Somehow making the connection with the previous O’Bayes in Valencià thanks to its Spanish history (even though, technically, Texas was French from 1684 till 1689!!!). With a local committee made of Lizhen Lin, Tom Shively, Carlos Carvalho & Peter Müller. Further details should emerge in the coming months, but keep this objective date in your calendars! (Note that NIPS 2017 will take place in Long Beach, CA, the week before.)

books for review (in CHANCE)

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Among the books I received for review in CHANCE, here are some neither I nor my “usual suspects” had enough time or interest in to review:

If you would like to review one of those books, send me an email.with some reference/bio and your mailing address. Be warned though that I will decide on a completely arbitrary way (a) on the chosen reviewers and (b) whether or not to publish a proposed review! (The reviewer keeps the book, as a rule.)

Computational position in Texas

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José Bernardo forwaded this announcement that sounds quite attractive (conditional upon living in a remote part of Texas!)

Senior Faculty Position in Computational Statistics At Texas A&M University

As part of a recognition of the increasing importance in the modeling and computational sciences, the Department of Statistics at Texas A&M University is recruiting for a senior faculty position in computational statistics as broadly defined. This position is one of three new senior lines dedicated to computational science that were created as part of an initiative led by the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. Considerable startup funding is available.

Computational science has become inherently multidisciplinary. As a result, successful candidates for this position should be able to demonstrate a strong record of research accomplishments and leadership, both within the statistics discipline and in multidisciplinary initiatives. Documentation of such success should include a record of publication in both statistics and a multidisciplinary application area as well as examples of collaboration and program building. Special emphasis will be placed on computational methods involving hierarchical modeling, uncertainty quantification and systems biology.

Texas A&M University is a university of approximately 50,000 students and 3,000 faculty members. The Department of Statistics (37 members) is one of the largest departments in the US and is listed among the Top 5 departments from public institutions in the most recent rankings of US News and World Report. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the search committee chair at searchcommittee[[@]]

Individuals who wish to be considered for this position should send a copy of their CV and a letter of interest to:
Recruiting Committee Chair, Computational Statistics Search Committee
Department of Statistics
3143 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station TX 77843-3143.

Electronic submissions will also be accepted and should be sent to:  Searchcommittee[[@]], with Computational Statistics in the Subject Line. Additional information and letters of reference will be solicited after a preliminary review. Review of the applicant pool will begin January 15, 2011.  Start dates are flexible and the position will remain open until filled.

Texas A&M University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has a policy of being responsive to the needs of dual-career couples.

Obviously, I quite like the focus on computational stats posted in this offer. (The last line is also interesting in that it reflects a growing concern for academic couples!)


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Not that I want to start a Bier category, but this Texan bier tasted during the Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making and Bayesian Analysis conference was quite pleasant, besides enjoying a cool label!

[wet] impressions from the frontier

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This morning, before going runnin, I took a look by my hotel window and noticed the road below was wet. Since there were warnings of a thunderstorm, I  checked on a website the current forecast—taking advantage of an opening in the local networks!— and saw that the local conditons were a “light drizzle”. When I went out, it was hardly drizzling, indeed, and so I went on my “usual” round following the riverwalk for about two miles. At the turning point—an underbridge with huge fish sculptures hanging from the bridge—, rain started to fall rather heavily and on the way back I soon found myself in the midst of a thunderstorm! I had to stop under a bridge to wait for the rain to abate and the storm front to move away. After a few minutes, the strength of the rain went down but by then the riverwalk had turned into a river and stairs into cascades, the river being below street level. At some point, the flow of water falling from the street was so strong that I had to turn back to cross to the other side… This was thus an interesting experience, teaching to pay more attention in the future to storm warnings.

Savage-Dickey [talk]

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Here are the slides for the Savage-Dickey paradox paper that I gave in San Antonio this morning:

(Any suspected coincidence of the first part with earlier talks is for real!) I have tried to spell out as clearly as possible in the second part the issues of version choices that are at the core of the “paradox”.


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