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a day in Roma

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Last Friday I spent about 24 hours in Roma due to Clara Grazian defending her thesis there, which was awarded the highest PhD degree from both Sapienza Università di Roma and Université Paris-Dauphine. Her thesis was composed of her papers on ABC for integrated likelihood, on Jeffreys priors for mixtures (which sadly was rejected a few weeks ago), and on scoring rules à la Dawid for model choice. Clara was the first student to graduate from the joint graduate program between Sapienza and Paris-Dauphine, and I look forward the graduation of the next students!It was absolutely wonderful to be there, not only to attend the defence with Marilena Barbieri, Fabrizio Leisen, and Brunero Liseo (who was also Clara’s supervisor) and to congratulate Clara on the completion of her thesis, but also to meet [albeit much too briefly] with old friends, to enjoy great Roman food, perfect weather, my usual long run along the Tiber and twelve of its bridges in the glorious Roman morning, and “just” this unique feeling of Roma in Spring…

A Roma [6]

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This morning, I had a run along Fiume Tevere in the fresh light of the early sun and it was another great run, with very few cars around. I went from Piazza del Popolo to Isola Tiberina in twenty minutes, passing ten bridges, and then headed back towards Villa Borghese by the Colosseo and via Cavour, in a relative peaceful traffic, despite the incoming bus strike…

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