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Good training [2]

Posted in Running with tags , , , on September 23, 2011 by xi'an

I had another training round today [Wednesday] with six 1000m that went reasonably well: 3’42” – 3’41” – 3’38” – 3’42” – 3’39” – 3’39″…. Of course, a few years ago I was finishing in 3’30… Too bad my friends from the INSEE Paris Club were running 500m’s today (in  1’41”!) Still, with just one more training to go on Sunday in Central Park, I hope I am prepared enough for the race in 10 days…. (It is fairly childish to get focused so much on a back-country race attracting a few hundred runners; however, I have been somehow preparing for this race since 1996, given that I had no hope for a top position prior to turning V2 (French grading) / V50 (UK grading)!)

Lacking skills

Posted in Books, Statistics, University life with tags , , , on December 23, 2010 by xi'an

I received this question from Luke Bornn to answer for a new Q&A entry in the ISBA Bulletin:

“From your experience, what skill do you think is most often lacking in today’s statistics Ph.D. graduates?  What steps can a current graduate student undertake to remedy this deficiency?”

First, let me stress that I restrict my answer to French Ph.D. graduates and warn the reader that the environment for Ph.D. students in French institutions strongly differs from the ones in UK or US universities. Even though our students have a proper five-year training in maths, probability and statistics (plus possibly additional fields like economics, computer science, engineering, sociology, or, more rarely, biology, astronomy, ecology), there is not the same progressive integration of graduate students within the research faculty body as the one we see in the UK or the US. Ph.D. students remain students till the end of their thesis and often beyond. This is of course a terrible situation that we are trying to alleviate at our individual level, when the conditions allow as in CREST.

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10k / 35:04?!

Posted in Running with tags , , on June 4, 2010 by xi'an

Under a scorching midday sun, I took part in the annual 10k of the Finance Ministry in the Parc de Vincennes this yesterday afternoon. I was quite surprised when I ended the first 5k loop in less than 17:34 and even more when I reached the finish line in 35:04! This was the third V2 [veteran 2] time but I am six month short from reaching the V2 category and I knew I had not ran that fast! Going over my lap times [graphed below with no correction], the first (3:05), fifth (3:09) and sixth (2:13) kilometers are definitely suspicious, so I think the course was at least 720m shorter than expected. At this pace, I would have needed at least 2:48 more to complete a genuine 10k, leading to a more reasonable total time of 37:52, especially given my lack of hard training… Anyway, I am quite happy with the outcome since I did not feel any special pain, apart from a slight headache due to the sun,  and some burns on my neck and shoulders!, and I now thus re-consider training more intensely for the Fall marathons.

Back on tracks

Posted in Running with tags , , , , on February 11, 2010 by xi'an

After resting for almost four months, I thought it was time for a test about the recovery of my legs towards a new year of running. So about two weeks ago I started a new cycle of soft training, with a maximum of 45 minutes per session and no fast session so far. The result is that I feel much better, less tired, and that my sciatica pain has not increased a bit. (Plus, running back in the local park gets me to see unusual birds due to a cold spell (like a heron, a grebe and a couple of cormorans… Ans also red squirrels which I thought were hibernating!) I will run a local 5K race on Saturday to check about a faster pace (if slower than last summer, for sure!). And to join again my fellow runners from the Insee Paris Club (IPC)!

Training for Argentan

Posted in Running with tags , , on September 4, 2009 by xi'an

In preparation for the Argentan half-marathon, I have set up the following training plan:

Week 1: one 12×200 session (36″) and one 12×300 session (57″), plus four recovery sessions

Week 2: one 5×800 session (1’45”) and one 12×300 (56″) session, one  25mn threshold session and three recovery sessions

Week 3: one 6×1000 session and one 8×500 session, one 30mn threshold session and three recovery sessions

Week 4: one 2000-400-1600-800-1200 session and one 6×1000 session, plus four recovery sessions

Week 5: one 3×2000 session and one 8×500 session, one 45mn threshold session and three recovery sessions

Week 6: one 6×300 session and three recovery sessions

and I hope I can stick to it for the three coming weeks.

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