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midnight sun [minus 50mn]

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The Host

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Last night, as I could not sleep due to a lingering jetlag (!), I finished The Host from Stephenie Meyer. Having “stolen” the book from my daughter, who received it as a (nice) birthday present, I was originally trying to check what were the reasons for the colossal success of the Twilight series (and the subsequent invasion of young adult bookshelves by vampire stories). This book being completely unrelated with the series, I was first intrigued by the Sci’-Fi’ theme of aliens using humans as hosts. While this is not highly innovative Science-Fiction, and while the style remains rather elementary, I ended up liking the book altogether (to my surprise!). The highly classical “love triangle” at the core of the book at the core of the book  was made much more interesting by the non-schizophrenic cohabitation of the two minds in one single body and the progressive assimilation of the alien within the human surviving community is rather well-conducted, if very ethnocentric (in a planetary manner!). The “happy ending” is a bit rushed and predictable, and the plot is at times rather thin (like the closed universe of the cavern or the very human way of thinking of the alien turncoat), but I would nonetheless recommend The Host as a light and enjoyable read…

Candles & twilight

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Yesterday night, a thunderstorm caused a power failure in our neighbourhood that lasted for several hours and. after lighting up all the house candles together, we took this opportunity to watch the movie Twilight on a laptop, as this was one of my daughter’s birthday presents. I had not read any of the books previously, except for a few pages of the first volume, and I alas found the movie quite appalling, both in the acting and in the scenario… Apart from Bram Stoker’s magistral Dracula, I actually never had much interest in vampire stories and Twilight does nothing against this lack of interest! The plot is very thin, mostly predictable, centred around an unlikely love story, and the actors are not helping either. The main female character, Bella, sounds almost idiotic, in that she does not seem to have much of a perspective in life besides falling in love, and her boyfriend Edward is not far behind in his inability to explain his difference both from humans and “bad” vampires. In the movie, the special effects are terrible (especially the “superpower” baseball game!) and the actors are uniformly unconvincing. I can see why the whole thing appeals to a teen niche and it apparently worked very well, judging from the box-office ranking as well as from the reactions of my daughter and her friends, but I would not advise anyone to watch it, even on a dark stormy night! It simply does not stand the comparison with Harry Potter which, while also primarily directed at a young adult audience, has sufficient depth and literary qualities to reach a much wider audience.