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Glibc GHOST vulnerability

Posted in Linux with tags , , , , , on January 28, 2015 by xi'an

screen shot with ubuntu 10.10Just heard about a security vulnerability on Linux machines running Red Hat version 5 to 7, Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04, Debian version 7, Fedora versions 19 and older, and SUSE versions 11 and older. The vulnerability occurs through a buffer overflow from some functions in the C library Glibc, which allows for a remote code to execute, and the fix to the problem is indicated on that NixCRaft webpage. (It is also possible to run the GHOST C code if you want to live dangerously!)



error: hd0, gpt2 out of disk…

Posted in Travel with tags , , on June 28, 2012 by xi'an

My computer crashed yesterday night with this charming message, just when I am getting to leave Kyoto for Paris, so there should be a break in the ‘Og until I set things back to normal…

Invisible blogs!

Posted in R, Statistics with tags , , on May 4, 2011 by xi'an

Julien just signaled an intermitent disappearance of the posts on the ‘Og, depending on the operating system: Ubuntu 10.10 seems to be working (most of the time!)

while Mac and Windows are having problems… This is beyond my abilities, I have contacted WordPress support, maybe they are working on some new feature, maybe I once again incorporated a wrong character by cut&paste, maybe the end of the ‘Og is near…. I reallly cannot tell what is going on! Thanks to Julien for checking in any case!!!

Update (8:47, 04/05): WordPress confirmed this was not a problem with the ‘Og and that things should now be back to normal. If not, the advice is to clear the recent history, cache and cookies.

Mixtures in Madrid (2)

Posted in Statistics, Travel, University life with tags , , , , , on April 13, 2011 by xi'an

Today I gave my first lecture in Universidad Autonoma Madrid. Apart from a shaky start due to my new computer not recognising the videoprojector, I covered EM for mixtures in the one and half hour of the course. I obviously finished the day with tapas in a nearby bar, vaguely watching Barcelona playing an improbable team to merge with the other patrons… In the second lecture, I hope to illustrate both EM and Gibbs on a simple mixture likelihood surface.

A series of mechanical mishaps

Posted in Running with tags , , , , , , , on March 7, 2011 by xi'an

The past week saw the coincidence of a series of mechanical problems on the home front:

  • I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear after an MRI, presumably due to years of jogging although it only started to feel painful after Adap’skiii…. This was treated by an cortisone injection in the knee (addressing the inflammation hopefully for a few years but not the tear).
  • My bike back-wheel axis broke, which means I biked back home with the brake on! Good training! (And it does not hurt the knee!) Changing this wheel will cost me the equivalent of a full tank of gas, i.e. at least forty round trips to my office…
  • My Macbook video card broke down on Monday night, meaning truly no access to the data even with an external screen. (I wonder if this is yet another effect of the Philadelphia tea party!) Fortunately, this was right after my weekend backup so only a day of work on the Jaynes‘ slides is inaccessible. Fortunately too, the newer Macbook was already equipped with Kubuntu 10.10 and the switch was easy, except for having to use a mouse for the first time in ten years! As reported in this earlier post, the system works almost perfectly, with only the microphone and the wireless mouse not operational… If I could use the touch-pad for cut&paste, it would be perfect. Anyway, I should get my 2007 Macbook early this week with a new video card, courtesy of Apple despite the warranty having run out!
  • My radio stopped broadcasting the national public radio on Saturday evening for about half an hour. I found only the next day that this was due to an incredible…series of coincidences and accidents at the national public radio that stopped all broadcasting for half an hour! Nothing related with my own radio then.
  • My car thermometer started giving impossibly low temperatures, by a factor of -10⁰C or so… This is a very minor bug and an interesting calibration problem: I will try to check whether the discrepancy is reliable enough to build a correcting function!
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