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La “main de Moscou“ ?

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one year of Russian terror

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Babi Yar

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И сам я, как сплошной беззвучный крик,
над тысячами тысяч погребённых.
Я – каждый здесь расстрелянный старик.
Я – каждый здесь расстрелянный ребёнок.

I become a gigantic, soundless scream
Above the thousands buried here.
I am every old man shot dead here.
I am every child shot dead here.

universities under fire

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total boycott [reposted from Nature]

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Ukrainian scientists are rallying to convince international organizations to take stronger action against Russia. More than 130 people have signed an open letter to the European Commission and member states of the European Union calling for an urgent suspension of all funding to, and international collaboration with, Russian institutions. “The European Union cannot provide funding to the institutions subordinated to Putin’s regime anymore if the EU acts based on the declared values pointed at EU Treaties,” it says.

The letter, initiated by Ukraine’s Council of Young Scientists, says that Russia must not be involved in EU programmes such as the flagship research programme Horizon Europe; the exchange scheme Erasmus+e; international collaborations such as the particle-physics research laboratory CERN near Geneva, Switzerland; and the international nuclear-fusion project ITER.

Some Ukrainian scientists say that although they appreciate the support of their Russian counterparts, the actions announced so far do not go far enough. In particular, Russian academic institutions have failed to condemn the aggression, says an open letter from the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine. Restrictions on Russian scientists must be all-encompassing, they say: “We urge that researchers with an affiliation of such institutions not be admitted to international grant teams, not be invited to international conferences, and not be published in leading international scientific journals.”

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