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20,000 pink ladies [10k: 37’26”, 43rd & 3rd V2]

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This year was a special year for the races of Les Courants de la Liberté, in Caen, as part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Allied landing on the nearby D-Day beaches. The number of women running the Rochambelle race/walk against breast cancer was raised this year to 20,000 participants, an impressive pink wave riding the streets of Caen, incl. my wife, mother and mother-in-law! And even one of the 1944 Rochambelle nurses attending the start and finish of the race!

While I had no particular expectation for the 10k race, it went on so well that I ended up with my best time ever on this distance (my previous record was in Ottawa in July…1989!). The weather was perfect, cool and cloudy with a tailwind most of the way. (The low intensity training in Edinburgh and the Highlands may have helped.) I had a bit of an issue at the beginning passing the first rows of runners who were clearly in the wrong league but stuck with a runner most of the race, which helped with the middle hardest k’s (with a maximal 3:58 on the 8th k!), and  finished by motivating another V2 to keep up with, very glad to see my finish time. I actually ended up 3rd V2 just ahead of two other runners from this category, but there is no podium or reward for this in this race, given the large number of races to accommodate (ultra-trail of D-Day beaches, marathon, half-marathon, 10k, rollers, kids,…)


Cross de Bercy 2011 [v2&3]

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[Warning: this post about a race I ran yesterday is unlikely to be of interest for most readers!]

Following my (un)reasonable time last year, I registered again for the annual “Cross de Bercy”  run by the Sport Club of the Finance Ministry (with whom/which CREST is affiliated). This is a two loop 10km race taking place in the Bois de Vincennes around the old velodrome on a painful [and far-from-the-country] path, which usually goes under a severely burning noon sun. This year, rain arrived at last after a two month drought and the race temperature was thus much more pleasant. As I had been suffering from repeated tendon and knee injuries since January, I was feeling rather insecure when getting on the starting line… Anyway, I managed to stick to the lead group on the first km and then gradually slowed down to a four minute/km pace. The fourth to sixth kilometers were the hardest ones, with several runners passing me, and then I found a second wind, something that had never occurred before, and I took up speed again, passing some of those earlier runners. Here are the times recovered from my watch:

As for last year,  some of the times or rather the distances are clearly untrustworthy! (a) I did not save the second k, so the two red dots at 2km and 3km are halves of the cumulated time at 3km; (b) there was no marker for 5km and I pressed the button after leaving the stadium (blue line), so it is more likely to consider the red dots than the brown dots for 5km and 6km, which clearly show that the fifth km was not right!; (c) the 10k time of 4:55 is definitely wrong: I did a 300m lap on the stadium sprinting against another runner at full speed (and ending up winning because the other runner stopped too early!). One good surprise with this race is that I did not feel any of the usual pain from my knee. Another one is that despite this dismal time of 38:30, I ended up third in my category (V2)! This was the case last year,  except that I was not yet in this category, but I had little hope to repeat this feat this year… After the race, Julyan and I took two Velibs to get to Hebibert’s seminar and managed to get there in time!!

10k / 35:04?!

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Under a scorching midday sun, I took part in the annual 10k of the Finance Ministry in the Parc de Vincennes this yesterday afternoon. I was quite surprised when I ended the first 5k loop in less than 17:34 and even more when I reached the finish line in 35:04! This was the third V2 [veteran 2] time but I am six month short from reaching the V2 category and I knew I had not ran that fast! Going over my lap times [graphed below with no correction], the first (3:05), fifth (3:09) and sixth (2:13) kilometers are definitely suspicious, so I think the course was at least 720m shorter than expected. At this pace, I would have needed at least 2:48 more to complete a genuine 10k, leading to a more reasonable total time of 37:52, especially given my lack of hard training… Anyway, I am quite happy with the outcome since I did not feel any special pain, apart from a slight headache due to the sun,  and some burns on my neck and shoulders!, and I now thus re-consider training more intensely for the Fall marathons.