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Postdoc in Wharton

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Just received this email from José Bernardo about an exciting postdoc position in Wharton:


The Department of Statistics at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is seeking candidates for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship. This research fellowship provides full funding without any teaching requirements at a competitive salary for two years beginning in Summer 2011.

Applicants are expected to show outstanding capacity for research as well as excellent communication skills. Although our department is located in the Wharton School, we provide services to the entire University of Pennsylvania and hold research interests across diverse scientific fields. We have strong research programs in many areas of statistics, including Continue reading

Looking back

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This extended week in the department of Statistics at Wharton has been quite fruitful for me! Partly due to the extra four hours of work I was getting every night by remaining (almost) on French time, partly due to the warm welcome I received from the department, partly due to having to prepare this course on likelihood-free methods and rethinking about the fundamentals (the abc?!) of ABC (and partly due to resisting buying Towers of Midnight on Tuesday morning at dawn!). The feedback I got during the course, mostly from Wharton faculty, was invaluable and I also appreciated the invitation to chat with the students at the lunch student seminar about my research experience (although it must have been mostly boring for them!) It was also a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends of more than 20 years… In short, a great “working vacation”!

ABC lectures [finale]

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The latest version of my ABC slides is on slideshare. To conclude with a pun, I took advantage of the newspaper clipping generator once pointed out by Andrew. (Note that nothing written in the above should be taken seriously.) On the serious side, I managed to cover most of the 300 slides (!) over the four courses and, thanks to the active attendance of several Wharton faculty, detailed PMC and ABC algorithms in ways I hope were accessible to the students. This course preparation was in any case quite helpful in the composition of a survey on ABC now with my co-authors.


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Here are my (preliminary) slides for the Wharton short course, in an evolutionary (!) version that will keep changing along the week as I incorporate the material from a survey on ABC we are currently writing with Jean-Michel Marin and Robin Ryder.


Lectures at Wharton

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Next week, I will be visiting the Wharton School of Business, Department of Statistics, and give four lectures on likelihood-free techniques (aka ABC algorithms): They are [on and in] Mon and Wed, Oct 25 and 27, 1:30pm: JMHH F-36 Friday, Oct 29, 9pm: JMHH F96 Monday, Nov 1, 1:30pm: JMHH F-36, and “open to all interested faculty and students, modulo the availability of space in the classroom”. I have not yet made my slides (!) and will most likely recycle from these earlier talks, but I will certainly post them asap.