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Chateau du Lucquet

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extra glass of wine? 30mn, please…

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As I was reading The Guardian early today, I came across this entry on how an extra glass (17.5cl) glass of wine was equivalent to 30mn less of life (expectancy), above the recommended maximum of five glass a week. As explained by Prof of Risk David Spiegelhalter himself! The Lancet study behind this analysis stated that “early deaths rose when more than 100g per week, which is five to six glasses of wine or pints of beer, was consumed.” So be careful!!!

off to Florida

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Marathon, Florida Keys Aug. 13, 2011Today I am off (again!) to Florida, taking part in the Winter Workshop at the University of Florida, Gainesville. The theme this year is New Directions in Monte Carlo Methods. I am quite excited to meet again with many old friends (this almost sounds like a rehearsal for MCMSki 4!), but also sad that George Casella who would have been my oldest friend there will be missing. Dearly missing and missed. At the same time, I appreciate that this workshop gives me the opportunity to meet at last with George’s family (with whom I share so many memories) and his colleagues at UFL. I am sure we will have plenty of pizzas, wine(s), and laughs in remembrance of the numerous good times we all had with George. And I will run the streets we ran together, quite a while ago…

“Dry Red Wine”

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A “dry red wine” (which exact name I do not know) I would certainly not recommend. The year (1994) is very unlikely to be related with the age of the beverage and the “Produce of France” at the bottom is at best connected to the use of French oak barrels…

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