Simone for ever

Today is March 08, International Women’s Day, which also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the creation of the French equivalent of Planned Parenthood, le Planning Familial. The poster for the celebration of this anniversary is above [with Liberté half-cut from the picture], with three Simone who contributed to women’s rights: Simone de Beauvoir as feminist philosopher, Simone Veil as the lawmaker who succeeded in making abortion legal in France, and Simone Iff, as founder of Planning Familial… Given the current threats on the funding of Planning Familial, I want to stress their essential role in sexual education and information, and in providing free support and assistance towards pregnancy terminations. (Obviously, things are worse in the US where all Republican candidates call for defunding Planned Parenthood…)

2 Responses to “Simone for ever”

  1. JL Foulley Says:

    Thanks Christian for reminding us about the contributions of the Simones to women rights. As the three musketeers, they were in fact three plus one, Simone Weil (with a W), the great philosopher, humanist, writer, political activist and incidentally , the younger sister of André Weil, the influential mathematician of the Bourbaki group.

  2. Thanks for this post, love the poster , bel hommage aux 3 Simone :)! I did not know about Simone Iff, happy to learn about the founder of the Planning Familial!

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