The other day, I was driving on the Paris beltway (le “périphérique“) on one of these annoying occurrences I have to be at both of my offices (and thus cannot use my bike nor the métro), and I passed a car with a mother (?) driving with her (?) very young] toddler on her knees!!! While the beltway is not particularly dangerous, the traffic on it is quite intense, with sudden and frequent jams.  Not mentioning the bikes driving between the two leftmost lanes at high speed. So I could not believe this woman was ready to risk her child’s life in such an insane way! (When I risk mines, I can at least pretend ignorance!!!)

3 Responses to “Insanity”

  1. […] a puzzling reward on the most reckless drivers from a driver association! (Maybe they could recruit this insane driver I saw on the Paris beltway a few years ago. ) […]

  2. […] quelqu’un (hitting someone). The case for hitting motorbikes is particularly acute on the Paris beltway:  motorbikes are driving between lanes at speeds that are very different from those of the cars […]

  3. Where are the pictures ?? Don’t tell me you did not take any — driving is not an excuse for not reaching to your camera ;)

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