Bayesian Choice of textbooks

In the latest (Dec. 2008) issue of the ISBA Bulletin, Howard Edwards published a short survey on graduate courses on Bayesian Statistics where The Bayesian Choice comes second! Of course, this is way behind Gelman et al.’s Bayesian Data Analysis… The survey consists of 57 replies only. It thus misses many courses, as shown e.g. by the under-representation of Jim Albert’s Bayesian Computation with R, despite being adopted in several courses. (A quick check on Google shows more than ten courses currently using Jim’s book as the main textbook.)

Bayesian Core is not appearing in the list either, but, besides Paris Dauphine, it was used at least in Stat314-08S1 at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, in Stat697 at the University of Massachusetts, in Stat6820 at Utah State University, in CS395T at the University of Texas in Austin, in Stat529K at Purdue University, in Math M6001 at the University of Bristol and at the Università degli Studi di Pavia, in one of the past semesters. As noted in this earlier post, we are obviously interested in any feedback from instructors and students about teaching from Bayesian Core in order to improve further the second edition.

4 Responses to “Bayesian Choice of textbooks”

  1. […] it only covers the case of a possibly biased coin without much realism. A feature common to many Bayesian textbooks though. To return to the issue of improper priors (and posteriors), the book includes several […]

  2. […] probability (and hence of limited interest per se, although with immense consequences for conducting inference). Through the “spam” book mentioned earlier this week, I noticed that the same (or even […]

  3. This is true, Arnaud! Along with Dominic Lee, you were a beta tester and helped in designing the final version of Bayesian Core. Thanks!

  4. I also used a preliminary of the book for Stat535c at the University of British Columbia.

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