ABC-PMC Re-revised

We have just posted on arXiv the latest version of our ABC-PMC paper, following a second round of reviews from Biometrika where the referees validated our analysis of the bias in ABC-PRC. The changes are quite minor, compared with the previous version and include an evaluation of the variation of the PMC solution, when compared with the tempered MCMC version of Bortot et al. (2007) and with the reference solution of Beaumont et al. (2002). This may not be the published version though, given that the length request was down to 8 pages but that we are unable to reach less than 9 pages, even in the miscelanea format…

3 Responses to “ABC-PMC Re-revised”

  1. […] of the authors, with the controversial PNAS paper included within the major papers (see also this post), and a preprint of them unavailable so far on the Web, but this is an entry to the topic […]

  2. […] fit inside the Miscelanea section of Biometrika. Changes are thus mostly cosmetic compared with the earlier version, as you can check on the arXiv list of versions. The background for the paper and the […]

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