New York City 1/2 marathon

When I went running to Central Park this morning, I knew something was on when I saw police stationed at every entry of the park. Almost immediately, I hit an endless flow of runners and one of them told me he was taking part in the New York City 1/2 marathon. This was most frustrating as I would have registered, had I known… This is the fifth time this type of “coincidence” happens to me, after Roma, Venezia, Fairbanks, and Ottawa!!! I then decided to run against the flow to see as many runners as possible, as well as the race track. The track did one and a half loops in the park before heading south in the city along 7th Avenue, I think, all the way down to Battery Park. After two miles or so I came across the head of the race and there was…Paula Radcliffe herself!, less than a meter away from me (for a few seconds!), on her way to victory in 1:09:45!!! I vaguely contemplated running next to her to better appreciate this incredible pace but this could have been against regulation and anyway I don’t know how long I could have stood this 18k per hour pace in such a humid heat! So I kept on the loop within the park, meeting higher and higher numbers up the 1400’s, till I crossed “runners” walking their second mile with very little chances of completing the whole race.

3 Responses to “New York City 1/2 marathon”

  1. […] seems that every Sunday I run in Central Park, I am doomed to hit a race! This time it was not the NYC half-marathon (and I did not see Paula Radcliffe as she was in Berlin) but an 18 miles race in preparation for […]

  2. […] 500m’s today (in  1’41″!) Still, with just one more training to go on Sunday in Central Park, I hope I am prepared enough for the race in 10 days…. (It is fairly childish to get focused […]

  3. I just read in Le Monde that Paula Radcliffe will not run the Berlin marathon as she does not feel well-enough prepared…

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