A ridiculous email

Wolfram Research presumably has a robot that sends automated email following postings on arXiv:

Your article, “Evidence and Evolution: A review”, caught the attention of one of my colleagues, who thought that it could be developed into an interesting Demonstration to add to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

The Demonstrations Project, launched alongside Mathematica 6 in May 2007, is a collection of over 5,000 interactive Demonstrations that cover myriad subjects, interests, and skill levels. The Demonstrations are free to download and manipulate thanks to Mathematica Player, which is also free. Building a Demonstration is a simple and straightforward process. If you have little or no experience with Mathematica, you may want to attend one of our free online seminars. In our S14 seminar, “Creating Demonstrations,” members of the Demonstrations team guide you step-by-step through the authoring process.

Your published Demonstrations will appear on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project website, which averages over 50,000 hits a week. We welcome any questions you might have, and look forward to seeing a Demonstration submission from you soon.

but they definitely got it all wrong there! They picked my book review of a philosophy of science book, Evidence and Evolution, where I complain of the lack of a true experiment..!

2 Responses to “A ridiculous email”

  1. […] me of the fear histograms discussed on  Statisfaction by Julyan a few days ago. (Note the Mathematica book in the last picture!) While I love books very much, I am also quite interested in sculptures […]

  2. […] the way it is presented is rather puzzling. (And it includes a chapter on intrinsic randomness, by Stephen Wolfram, who showed with his bewildering New Kind of Science how far he could be from scientific writing!) […]

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