(truly) gory details

5b, Roc & Résine, Thiais, Oct. 08, 2011As several friends and readers sent me best recovery wishes as well as queries about my health, here are a few details that you do not have to read as they are only details and mostly gory:

  • the accident took place in the climbing gym where my daughter and I usually practice, when I fell when holding the rope to set it through a quickdraw (carabiner);
  • the rope severed my right thumb when it stretched at the end of the fall, as the rope got into a loop around the thumb;
  • I was quickly and efficiently evacuated to the “hand hospital” in Paris, Saint Antoine, by the local firemen, and got my thumb grafted back by two surgeons in the following (4) hours;
  • the chances of success for the graft are evaluated at 50-50 by the surgeon, even now, a week after the accident, because the tissues got crushed;
  • this is why I am (or rather my thumb is) still and rather closely monitored in a postsurgery department, under heating lamps, and I cannot move around (although I feel fine if restless…);
  • I am also unable to draw plans on the near future, as I do not know when I will be realeased from the hospital and how operational my right hand will be (typing on a computer with my left hand is not that hard!);
  • I alas had to cancel my talk next week at AISTAT in Phoenix but still hope to be able to take part in the coming i-like workshop in Warwick, next  month…

9 Responses to “(truly) gory details”

  1. Xi’an: it sounds horrible–best wishes that you’ll soon return to being “all thumbs” …

  2. Sorry to hear about such a horrendous accident, best wishes for your recovery!

  3. Gianluca Baio Says:

    Get well soon!

  4. Praying for you to recover well, Christian.

  5. Éric Marchand Says:

    Cher Christian,

    bon rétablissement et bonne chance. Éric Marchand

  6. I’m very sorry to read about your accident. I wish a speedy and full recovery!

  7. Pierre Jacob Says:

    I’ll pray all the Asian gods I can find for the 50% percent chance to bend in your favour!

  8. Georges Henry Says:

    Cher Christian, tous nos voeux pour ton rétablissement et pour la force morale qu’il faut pour surmonter la situation. Gérard Letac

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