Michelin starred restaurant for HK$70…


Tim Ho Wan is a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong that got a Michelin star for the quality of its products. As the mother restaurant was too far from the conference centre, I went to the nearest branch (right on top of the Airport Express train station) and did not even have to wait (an advantage of eating solo!) to be seated at the first available seat by a waitress who gave me an order form to fill. Besides the famed barbecue pork buns, I picked items haphazardly, just avoiding the chicken feet I spotted on my neighbour’s plate! Unsurprisingly, everything was delicious: the barbecue pork buns were so sweet they could have been on the desert menu, the pork-and-prawn siew mais and beef balls  with beancurd were on the light side fat-wise and the teochew dumplings had a complex mix of peanuts, bamboo shots and other items. Add to this fare an unlimited supply of Pu-Ehr, for an amazing HK$70 bill (about 7 euros)! Obviously, the service is a bit rough and you are clearly expected to vacate your seat as quickly as possible for the next person in the queue outside, but this remains a fantastic experience!

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