Bayesian essentials with R available on amazon

coverBayesian Essentials with R is now available both as an e-book and as a hardcover book on!

3 Responses to “Bayesian essentials with R available on amazon”

  1. […] about my ability to produce an objective review (on the one hand, this is The Competition¬† to Bayesian Essentials!, on the other hand Andrew is a good friend spending the year with me in Paris), I decided to jump […]

  2. I’m having some trouble installing the bayess package from cran… I tried several mirrors, but the dependency ‘gplots’ is not available.

    After some research I discovered that the gplots package requires a Version of R above 3.0, which isn’t yet the standard in many linux distributions at least. Also I can’t find a reference to the required version for bayess or the book anywhere, but I haven’t looked very hard for that either. It also appears that the bayess package is listed in CRAN for an older version of R.

    Just thought you might be interested to know!

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