Le Monde puzzle [#910]

An game-theoretic Le Monde mathematical puzzle:

A two-person game consists in choosing an integer N and for each player to successively pick a number in {1,…,N} under the constraint that a player cannot pick a number next to a number this player has already picked. Is there a winning strategy for either player and for all values of N?

for which I simply coded a recursive optimal strategy function:

  if (length(mine)>0)
  if (length(fine)>0){
   for (i in 1:length(fine)) 

which returned a zero gain, hence no winning strategy for all values of N except 1.

> gain(NULL,NULL,1)
[1] 1
> gain(NULL,NULL,1:2)
[1] 0
> gain(NULL,NULL,1:3)
[1] 0
> gain(NULL,NULL,1:4)
[1] 0

Meaning that the starting player is always the loser!

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