Impressions from the frontier

The first day of the conference Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making and Bayesian Analysis, in honour of Jim Berger, in San Antonio, was quite a day! Starting at 8:30am with a few welcoming talks, we ended up with a poster session till 7pm. The great thing about the theme of that conference is that basically every talk of every session has some degree of relevance for most participants (besides the fact that most people are already acquainted). For instance, most talks I went to today were connected to Bayesian testing, including a plenary session by Larry Brown on the (non-Bayesian) incorporation of the consequences of model selection into the final inference. (I obviously missed two thirds of the talks, but so did everyone, including Jim Berger whose sessions were allocated at random by an R program!) The program is even heavier tomorrow with talks starting at 8pm!

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