Yesterday, I finally arXived my notes on Keynes’ book A Treatise On Probability, but, due to the new way the arXiv website operates, there is no indication of the page associated with the submitted paper before it gets accepted and I cannot thus prepare an Og’ entry until this acceptance, wasting perfect timing! Anyway, this is the first draft of the notes and it has not yet been submitted to a journal. As the new user interface on the arXiv webpage now displays all past papers, I added a category on our 2007 Annals paper with Randal Douc, Arnaud Guillin and Jean-Michel Marin, which means it appeared again in today’s list…

Today I completed my revision of the review of Burdzy’s The Search for Certainty over for Bayesian Analysis, so the new version will be on arXiv tomorrow morning. The changes are really minor as Bayesian Analysis mostly requested smoothing down my criticisms. I also added a few more quotes and some sentences in the conclusion. I wonder if this paper will appear with a discussion, since three are already written!

At last, let me point out three recent interesting postings on arXiv if I do not have time to discuss them more in depth, one by Peter Green on Colouring and breaking sticks: random distributions and heterogeneous clustering, one by Nicolas Chopin, Tony Lelièvre et Gabriel Stolz on Free energy methods for efficient exploration of mixture posterior densities, and one by Sophie Donnet and Jean-Michel Marin on An empirical Bayes procedure for the selection of Gaussian graphical models.

2 Responses to “arXives”

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  2. We just read Nicola, Tonis and Gabriel’s paper in our reading group at UBC last week, very interesting indeed !

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