Randomness [French version]

As a (weak) coincidence (with my review of Randomness through Computation), the French Mathematical Society chose the theme of its yearly meeting (on June 17-18 at CIRM) as “Qu’est ce qu’un nombre au hasard ?” with talks by

The talk by David Xiao is accompanied by a fairly interesting survey that goes much farther than what is found in Randomness through Computation. The same applies to the talk by Laurent Bienvenu, with a survey that is closer in spirit to the themes of Randomness through Computation (Kolmogorov and Chaitin complexities, Martin-Löf randomness).

Another (weak) coincidence is that I received yesterday in the mail Richard von Mises’ Probability, Statistics and Truth, which I hope to read carefully in the coming weeks, in connection with the above, but also Bayesian statistics (“a misundertsanding of one of the classical formulas of probability calculus”).

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