David Cox gets the first International Prize in Statistics

Just received an email from the IMS that Sir David Cox (Nuffield College, Oxford) has been awarded the International Prize in Statistics. As discussed earlier on the ‘Og, this prize is intended to act as the equivalent of a Nobel prize for statistics. While I still have reservations about the concept. I have none whatsoever about the nomination as David would have been my suggestion from the start. Congratulations to him for the Prize and more significantly for his massive contributions to statistics, with foundational, methodological and societal impacts! [As Peter Diggle, President of the Royal Statistical Society just pointed out, it is quite fitting that it happens on European Statistics day!]

8 Responses to “David Cox gets the first International Prize in Statistics”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    Curious as to whether this got picked iup by th press. (You know – to encourage the young people). According to google news: “Courtney COX and DAVID Arquette’s daughter Coco is all grown up”

    So that’s 75k well spent.

  2. Dan Simpson Says:

    If someone paid David Cox 75k to prop up their unknown prize with his undeniable legacy, he should’ve held out for more. The pound isn’t what it used to be.

  3. Dan Simpson Says:

    “Like the acclaimed Fields Medal, Abel Prize, Turing Award and Nobel Prize, the International Prize in Statistics is considered the highest honor in its field.”


  4. Georges Henry Says:

    Who is the best living statistician? Cox? Not my idea.!

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