ISBA [officially] on drugs

Following a call in June for sponsoring a new ISBA section on biostatistics and pharmaceutical statistics, relayed by this blog, the process has now reached its natural conclusion and ISBA/BioPharm is now an official session of ISBA! It is quite straightforward to become a (founding) member, just one click away… Just to borrow from the initial call:

An important aspect of biostat and pharmaceutical statistics is the presence of strong communities in academics, industry and government agencies. We hope that the new section will play an important role in connecting folks across these different communities and giving a platform to related intiatives. The initial officers of the section are

*  Section chair: Donald A. Berry (Term: August 2012-December 2014)
*  Program chair: Telba Z. Irony (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
*  Secretary: Peter Mueller (Term: July 2012-December 2014)
*  Treasurer: Kathryn Chaloner (Term: July 2012-December 2013)

Please join now to participate in the first election this October of the new chair elect!  Lifetime memberships are $200 while annual memberships are $10. All new memberships after September 1 will be extended until Dec 31, 2013!

Note that we should pretty soon be allowed to announce a similar creation for BayesComp, the computational Bayes section of ISBA!

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