Will Winter ever come?!

Just read in my Sunday morning New York Times that George R.R. Martin had no clear idea when the sixth volume of a Song of Ice and Fire will be published. Not a major surprise given the sluggish pace of publishing the previous volumes, but I thought maybe working on the scenario for the TV Series Game of Thrones would have helped towards this completion. Apparently, it just had the opposite effect! While, as Neil Gaiman once put it in the most possible delicate way, “George Martin is not your bitch” and,  writers being writers, they are free to write when and whatever they feel like writing, there is this lingering worry that the sad story of the Wheel of Time is going to happen all over again. That the author will never end up the series and that the editor will ask another fantasy author to take over. Just as Brandon Sanderson did after Robert Jordan died. Thus I was musing over my tea and baguette whether a reverse strategy wasn’t better, namely to hire help now just to … help. Maybe in the guise of assistants sketching scenes for primary drafts that the author could revise or of an artificial intelligence system that could (deep) learn how to write like George Martin out of a sketchy plot. Artificial writing software is obviously getting against the very notion of an author writing a book, however it is plausible that by learning the style of this very author, it could produce early versions that would speed up the writing, while being tolerable by the author. Maybe. And maybe not. Winter is simply coming at its own pace…

One Response to “Will Winter ever come?!”

  1. MorganScz Says:

    To be fair, he has been less and less involved in the TV series ever since the end of Season 2. Now he does pretty much nothing, as he said almost flat-out on his own blog, and his name in the credits is really just… That, a name in the credits. (Which, in my humble opinion, is made pretty evident when one looks at the evolution of the quality of the show, but nevermind that)

    I love to blame the TV series for all sorts of things, but I am really fairly sure it has nothing to do with Winds’ release (or lack thereof).

    As for an assistant, he was recently asked if Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, his “heirs apparent”, would ever be allowed to write fiction that takes places in Westeros. GRRM’s answer was “Uh… no.” (source: http://grrm.livejournal.com/456777.html?thread=23201353#t23201353)

    So, somehow I doubt he would ever agree to hiring the sort of assistant you suggest here. Add this to the fact he still writes using WordStar, and I think an artificial help would be even more out of the question.

    He does frequently ask for random info from Elio Garcia (his “Hand of the King”), who he often jokes knows his own world better than he does, to avoid having to look up his notes, though, so there’s that at least…

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