Conferenza a Padova

Today and tomorrow, I am attending the annual Italian statistical society meeting. While I appreciate very much the invitation, as well as the opportunity to walk through  Padova and Venezia for a short (and alas rainy!) hour on the way there (leaving home at 8am, walking in Venezia at noon!), I am rather skeptical of the impact of my talk on Bayes factor approximations there, given that the audience will mostly be made of people who had already heard me talk on that topic or seen my poster in Benidorm. Here are the slides anyway.

3 Responses to “Conferenza a Padova”

  1. I just have a comment on the wonderful embedding of your slides presentation on the blog page. Is this a feature of wordpress or just something that can be done in any web site?

    Do I have to explore the slideshare features?


  2. Oooh, I hate Bayes factors! But I hope the talk went well…

    • Thanks Andrew! It did go well, I think, even though I had to summarise Savage-Dickey into one formula, one sentence (“choice of a version of the density”) and one box-plot!

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