Statistics slides (5)

La Défense from Paris-Dauphine, Nov. 15, 2012Here is the fifth and last set of slides for my third year statistics course, trying to introduce Bayesian statistics in the most natural way and hence starting with… Rasmus’ socks and ABC!!! This is an interesting experiment as I have no idea how my students will react. Either they will see the point besides the anecdotal story or they’ll miss it (being quite unhappy so far about the lack of mathematical rigour in my course and exercises…). We only have two weeks left so I am afraid the concept will not have time to seep through!

6 Responses to “Statistics slides (5)”

  1. Royi Avital Says:

    Could create a one PDF which contains them all?
    Or at least create a post with downloadable links to each of them?

    Thank You.

  2. bayesrules Says:

    Where is the decision theory, Christian? I saw no losses, no set of actions. Are they part of a later lecture?

    • Indeed, this part is missing and will have to wait till next year!! With two weeks and three hours left, I had to cut in vital parts. Next year, I will cut on bootstrap since this mostly confused them anyway… Thanks!

  3. I hope the sock example will work well! I had a talk with the aim of Bayesian statistics a month ago where I also took the ABC route. Instead of using the sock example I tried to keep it as simple as possible by using the most simple model I could think of that still was sort of interesting. I settled on analysing a mark and recapture experiment using ABC (then in effect using a Hypergeometric distribution) and that also worked pretty well… :)

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