ABC in Roma, May 30-31, 2013!!!

After ABC in Paris in 2009 and ABC in London in 2013, the ABC workshop on the current developments of ABC methodology continues its tour of European capitals! It will take place next year in Rome over two days to allow for travel from Paris and London (no EuRomaStar yet!). ABC in Rome is organised by Brunero Liseo and his colleagues at Roma 1 and Roma 3 Università, and sponsored by La Sapienza Università di Roma. Following the previous meetings, in Paris and London, the field still sees rapid methodology progress and an increased number of applications in a wider range of scientific areas, as no doubt readers of the ‘Og are aware! ABC in Rome (ABCiR) will hopefully bring together leading researchers in the field, with focus on

  •  applications of ABC to real world problems
  • recent computational advances in ABC
  • comparative efficiency of ABC methods with respect to alternative methodologies
  • model selection and model checking in the ABC framework.

As in the previous meetings, attendance is free of charge (free as in “no registration fee at all”!) but you do need to register as space is strictly limited. (For ABC in London, the waiting list was more than 100 persons long…) If you wish to present a poster then please email the organisation committee with a brief abstract. We particularly encourage posters from young participants and posters detailing recent software implementations of ABC methods and computational advance.

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