off to New York

I am off to New York City for two days, giving a seminar at Columbia tomorrow and visiting Andrew Gelman there. My talk will be about testing as mixture estimation, with slides similar to the Nice ones below if slightly upgraded and augmented during the flight to JFK. Looking at the past seminar speakers, I noticed we were three speakers from Paris in the last fortnight, with Ismael Castillo and Paul Doukhan (in the Applied Probability seminar) preceding me. Is there a significant bias there?!

5 Responses to “off to New York”

  1. Christian: Sorry I missed you– I was in NY then; nor did Gelman mention it when I saw him.

  2. There’s a restaurant in Greenpoint called Luksus (in the back room of a beer bar called Tørst) that has the distinction of being one of the few (the only?) Michelin starred restaurant without a wine list (it only serves amazing beer). Just in case you have a free evening…

    • It looks exceptional, but I fear I will not have a free evening, from tonight’s late arrival to tomorrow’s seminar dinner, to Tuesday’s afternoon flight!

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