my first week at work

front of Coventry station, Jan. 26, 2012After attending the first day of the RSS annual conference in Newcastle, I took the train to Coventry to join the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick (this may sound confusing, but the University of Warwick is located in Coventry, not in Warwick, 8 miles south, and not to be confused with Coventry University, which is a former polytechnic; it is located in Warwickshire, though, which is why it took this name) where I now have a part-time professor position.  I will thus be at the department a week at a time, every other five weeks or so, during the teaching terms, and I obviously look forward the huge opportunities to interact with faculty and students therein. The “first week at work” was quite smooth, not entirely surprising given my numerous previous visits to Warwick, with hardly any bureaucratic step in the instalment. This gave me the opportunity to start the revision of the Jeffreys-Lindley’s paradox paper for Philosophy of Science and to reconnoitre longer running routes…

2 Responses to “my first week at work”

  1. I had some great runs through Tocil Wood at Warwick.

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