objective and subjective RSS Read Paper next week

Andrew Gelman and Christian Hennig will give a Read Paper presentation next Wednesday, April 12, 5pm, at the Royal Statistical Society, London, on their paper “Beyond subjective and objective in statistics“. Which I hope to attend and else to write a discussion. Since the discussion (to published in Series A) is open to everyone, I strongly encourage ‘Og’s readers to take a look at the paper and the “radical” views therein to hopefully contribute to this discussion. Either as a written discussion or as comments on this very post.

3 Responses to “objective and subjective RSS Read Paper next week”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    I really like this paper. I can’t make it to the meeting, but I’m hoping to get a comment done.

  2. The Abstract reminds me a bit of a comment from Andres Christen on an article by Berger and Goldstein in BA (not mentioned in the paper, but there is a mention to another comment from Wasserman):


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