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la Saintélyon

Posted in Mountains, pictures, Running with tags , , , , on December 8, 2013 by xi'an

At this very moment, the competitors of the saintélyon ultratrail are starting from Saint-Étienne for a nocturnal trail run of 75km to Lyon. (Hence the name.) This classic race takes place in the Monts du Lyonnais between the two cities and it is usually very cold, with ice and snow most of the way. The total differential is 1800m D+ / 2100m D-, with a record time of 5:16 last year (and an overall record time of 4:19!)… At least two of my running friends & colleagues, Julyan and Marc, are competing this year, so all the best to them (and the 12 000 other runners) for this ultratrail!

And a few hours later, congratulations to both of them for their finisher status! Bravo!

rencontres R à Lyon, 27-28 juin 2013

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Simon Barthelmé just sent me the announcement that the next French R conference (Rencontres R) will be in Lyon, on June 27-28, 2013, and that the call for propositions is now open. (No possible confusion with MCMSki IV: the later is not in Lyon but Chamonix, not in June but January, and not only about R—even though there will be a session!—but about all computational aspects of statistics, well mostly MCMC!)

Trip to Lyon

Posted in Mountains, pictures, R, Statistics, University life with tags , , , , , , on January 21, 2011 by xi'an

This was my first trip to Lyon in about… 35 years, I think, but I did not have much time to tour the city! My original plan was to go climbing with Ivan near La Meije right after the talk, but our respective knees were hurting for the past week at least (since Utah in my case…), so we decided to postpone. I think the talk itself went on rather ok (?!), with good questions for possible extensions at the end. And Martyn Plummer (the creator and maintainer of JAGS) came with a most relevant question about the difficult comparison with completely independent MCMC chains, a point Colin also raised a while ago.

Séminaire à Lyon

Posted in R, Travel, University life with tags , , , on January 18, 2011 by xi'an

This week, I am going to Lyon to give a seminar in Université Lyon I. I will talk about the recent Rao-Blackwellisation papers we wrote, hopefully managing to make sense with both statisticians and probabilists, unlike in recent talks of mine in probability seminars… The slides are close to those I presented in Wharton last month, except for recent additions on parallelising random walk Metropolis-Hastings algorithms as well.